Tower Road Apartments

The rental market on Tower Road Sliema has been changing ever since the Portomaso project neared completion.

The future doesn't look any much brighter with the MIDI project targeting 2005 for completion of it's first residential units. Tower Road prices have had to be revised downwards, and more stubborn landlords have been left perched on the fence.

Foreigners renting on the island are having more and more choice at hand, and the first properties to be axed off their lists are those with shabby furnishings or with dilapidated common parts and creaking lifts.

Gone are the days when lessors gathered any unwanted bits and pieces of furniture at home and furnished their rental flat with them. Back then, choice was limited and anything rented fast. Summer short lets were fast and furious. Snap up the property now or sleep on the bench tonight sir!

Today the cost of furnishing an apartment has gone down considerably, and the standard of finishing has also shot up. Gypsum walls, fitted oak kitchens, dishwashers, tumble dryers and air conditioning have become the norm for anything over Lm250 a month in popular areas.

This week's value for money property on the sea front has to go to this Tower Road apartment. Very spacious, well positioned and with underlying car space accessible by lift. The sea views from the top floors are nothing less then stunning.


  1. Oh how lovely, I wish I were in Malta now...

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