Townhouse Apartments

One of the disadvantages of living in a new property is that unless you enjoy open views from your window, there's little evidence as to where you are in the Mediterranean.

The interior stone walls and lack of central heating or double glazing would probably shed some light as to your latitude on the map. However the ceramic floors, painted walls,square rooms and resin staircases are all standard.

This is one of the reasons why more and more tourists visiting Malta are opting to live in older traditional properties for their vacation.

They want to be reminded they're abroad and on holiday even when they're indoors.
They want high ceilings, long narrow windows with lovely wooden shutters, beautiful patterned floor tiles and wrought iron ballustrades.
They want to look out of the back window and see a low skyline and a clear sky.
This is the typical southern Mediterranean architecture they can only dream of back home.

Now unless a tourist is visiting the island with all the family in tow, a townhouse would prove too large a property, so many are opting for the smaller townhouse apartments.
These are large townhouses split into three or four self catering units.
A good architect will allow each apartment to retain all original features whilst also respecting the original proportions and unity of the whole.

A lot of these townhouse apartments are currently found in Valletta, Sliema, St. Julian's and similair areas where very large houses are common, and where tourism is strong thus providing year long occupancy.
The trend is spreading fast though and even non touristic areas are now entering the market, especially with the increase of online bookings over the internet.

In Valletta a 1 bedroom townhouse apartment will usually fetch between Lm14 to Lm18 daily
depending on season and number of persons. In Sliema a 2 bedroom spacious TOH apartment usually fetches anything between Lm24 to Lm30 daily. These prices are all inclusive.


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