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Small is beautiful - The 1 bedroom market

Bachelor apartments and studios are selling like hot cakes. Independent young people, small investors and seperated couples are all contributing to the bullish market.

(To answer a frequently asked question, bachelor apartments have a seperate bedroom, and sometimes a seperate kitchen and living. A studio apartment has a large room furnished as an open plan kitchen, living and bedroom and only the bathroom or shower is seperate.)

Most investors in the buy to let market are preferring the smaller apartments. They offer flexibility, are cheaper to furnish and equip, and rarely remain empty for more then a couple of weeks unless they're over priced.

Will the market hold out?

In the current unregulated market, the current trend shows no sign of relent. Hundreds of new 1 bedroom properties are being rented out, most fetching around Lm120 to Lm160 monthly in the Sliema area. The older apartments are still very much in demand too, these fetching the same Lm90 to Lm110 monthly also in upm…