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New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!

As an estate agent, the first couple of weeks of the year have always meant running around with two diaries in hand. Very inconvenient, but necessary for referral.

The last diary always worn out, notes scribbled throughout back to back, and the odd coffee stain. The new one crisp and clean, absolutely presentable yet not worth a penny till the lines within yield contracts.

Most people start off with a new year resolution, a wish meant to correct one's past errors, or create new opportunities. Always a wish to better one's position in life.

The backbone to a better future for any adult, past chasing wild dreams on the road, is a proper home and a roof over one's head where to plan and translate the better thoughts into reality.

A well planned and properly designed house or apartment will offer versatility, and scope for entertaining friends, accommodating a home office or a larger family should the possibility arise, and offer privacy for it's inhabitants whe…