The hybrid holiday home

Dr. Peter Caruana Galizia wrote an informative article on property buy-to-let options for foreigners, in today's Times of Malta, the essence of which is captured in bold text and reading: 'Once there is no pre-acquisition permit there can be no rental restriction.'

His article kicks off straight to the point.

"Simon Busuttil (February 1) argues that foreigners, including citizens of European member states other than Malta, should be allowed to rent out a Malta holiday home....."

".......The matter has not however been put in its proper perspective and Dr Busuttil is not quite right about the outcome of our negotiations."

Dr. Caruana Galizia's article goes on for the full length of page 12 of today's Times of Malta, and can be read online here .

He has assisted in the implementation of the necessary amendments to the law regulating the capacity of non-residents to acquire property in Malta following Malta’s accession to the European Union.

Dr. Simon Busuttil is a maltese MEP and the article in question from February 1st. titled "Owning Property in Malta" can be read by clicking here.


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