Mepa's non-enforcement - David Pace, President Chamber of Architects

The Times of Malta dated 28th. February 2006 published a very significant letter sent in by Mr. David Pace, President of the Chamber of Architects (Kamra tal-Periti) addressing the Xemxija road collapse, and the more recent mudslide following illegal excavations by Polidano Brothers.
Asfaltar Ltd. was awarded a 6 million euro contract for rebuilding the 2.7km.Xemxija bypass in question. The company is also part of the GAP Joint venture consortium together with Polidano Brothers and Gatt Brothers.

Below is part of Mr. David Pace's letter, and the full text can be read by clicking here.

Mepa's non-enforcement (segments of the letter)

" this particular case the KTP however finds it strange that:
The damage to the St Paul's Bay bypass above the rear end of the Xemxija plot has been allowed to remain for years now, with one lane actually been cordoned off as a precaution."

"......according to the Mepa website, that part of the site near the bypass and where the collapse occurred is only covered by an outline development application (PA 2358/02) which was submitted on April 24, 2002 but which has not yet even been determined."

"......Yet notwithstanding this, development was allowed to continue. Furthermore, the site is hit by an enforcement notice (ECF 762/04 for excavations, land clearing and drilling for piles without a permit. Two site inspections by the enforcement section (December 2, 2004 and November 11, 2005) reveal that the notice was not complied with."

"If the site has a history of enforcement notices not being observed, why did Mepa not use its powers under section 55 of the Development Planning Act and enter the site to enforce compliance, including the disabling or removal of all tools, vehicles and equipment if necessary?"

Update 24 April 09

Press Release today 24 April - FAA
Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar deplores yesterday's decision by MEPA to allow ADT incorporate Polidano Brothers' plans for garages into the reconstructed St. Paul's Bay bypass, just in case Polidano Brothers are granted a permit for such works. This is taking place in spite of the fact that Polidano Brothers' unauthorised building activity in the area had caused the collapse of part of the hillside and the St. Paul's Bay bypass almost a decade ago, very nearly swallowing a neighbour's residence which subsequently had to be demolished.
Read the full PR here.


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