Rent Law Reforms

Excerpt from an article published today 14th. March 2006 on the Times of Malta by Mr Victor A. Galea, President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise.

"The first urgent rectification should be the removal by law of the so-called "security of tenure" practice. For years, this created a social injustice as it offers protection not only to the incumbent tenants but also to relatives of tenants, in particular those who "abusively" moved into premises in the twilight of their relatives' lives in order to "inherit" favourable rental conditions. This practice is to be condemned as morally incorrect.
The second is liberalisation of pre-1995 residential rents. The Chamber proposes that a formula acceptable to all parties be devised with a view to hasten the liberalisation process."

Read the full article by clicking here.

Also in today's Times of Malta, we find a letter written by Klara and Peter Paschke from Grossenseebach, Germany and titled "Don't ruin Gozo". The letter opens with:

"We own an apartment in Zebbug, Gozo. Four out of six apartments are hardly ever used. When we walk through the various villages we realise that obviously a major portion of the housing is not utilised.....". For the full letter please click here.


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