B. Tagliaferro repossesses building in landmark case

"B. Tagliaferro and Sons Ltd will regain possession of Leisure House in Archbishop Street, Valletta within months – subject to any appeal – after the Rent Regulation Board gave the tenants 4 months in which to move out.

The property was being rented for the sum of Lm900 a year by Albert Mizzi, Alec Mizzi, Central Mediterranean Development Corporation and Hubbalit Developments Ltd. The tenants first occupied the property in 1965, on an annually renewable basis.

However, the owners of the property said that the tenants owed Lm4,200 in rent arrears, as nothing had been paid since a part-payment in 1998. The tenants were offsetting the rent against urgent maintenance works on the property – but the parties could not agree on the value of the works, or on whose responsibility they were."

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  1. Anonymous3:00 pm

    The tenants made an appeal at court. The court of appeal went against the decision taken by the court and the tenants are still occupying the property. The reasons for the decision taken by the court of appeal make no sense!!!


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