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VLC bye law seeks to impose the sealing off of derelict Valletta properties

A new bye law entitled "Maintenance of Building Facades", proposed by the VLC (Valletta Local Council) back in June 2009, will seek to overcome the ownership traceability hurdle currently impeding the local council from sorting out the substantial number of derelict properties, which constitute a public hazard and an eyesore in Malta's capital.
The bye law, currently pending publication in the Government Gazette, will allow the VLC to repair and seal off derelict properties, at the expense of the property owners. Effectively, a notice will be affixed to the properties in question, asking the owners to start carrying out the necessary works within a week, failing which, the VLC will move in to carry out such repairs at the owner's expense, and seal off the property. Access to properties repaired by the VLC will be denied to their respective owners, unless these expenses are then refunded.