Malta Housing Authority properties out for sale

The Housing Authority is subsidising the sale of over a hundred apartments, garages and nine maisonettes, spread over a number of localities; however no further information is currently available on the authority's website.

Meanwhile, The Times of Malta is reporting the expected average price for a 3 bedroom apartment to be €83,000 while a 3 bedroom maisonette will fetch in the region of €92,000. There is no specification as to whether these prices are for the shell form, advanced shell, or finished product.

Current property sales will now have to vie with these benchmarks when competing for first time buyers on the Maltese property market. Already, many are questioning the rationale of building further units on this island, when a large percentage of Maltese properties are lying vacant.

Update 25th May 2010

The Housing Authority is extending the closing date for applications for the sale of government apartments and maisonettes
up to June 11.


  1. now u will be able to find cheap property in malta. A good time to buy not very good for selling.


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