Construction developers agree on revolutionary code of ethics

The Malta Developers Association has issued a code of ethics to be enforced by a regulatory board which will usher a revolutionary change in the behaviour of building contractors.

A code of ethics issued by the Malta Developers Association binds its members to comply with all applicable laws, including tax laws, civil law obligations, and environmental regulations.

The code, the first of its kind for the notorious construction lobby, is a revolutionary culture change from practices involving the illegal development of entire buildings which are only sanctioned by MEPA

The new code of ethics also defends the consumer from misleading property descriptions, and misleading advertising.

Members are forbidden from asking potential buyers to sign binding preliminary purchase agreements without giving them reasonable opportunity to reflect on the contract and to obtain legal advice.

And significantly developers are not allowed to enter into a promise of sale of property which is not covered by a full MEPA permit, unless potential purchasers are clearly informed of this.

Developers are also expected to respect third party rights by showing “due respect to the rights of owners and or occupiers of properties neighbouring sites that they develop or intend to develop”.

And rather than maximise the number of apartments in every nook and cranny members are expected to build apartments which provide “adequate living space.”

And developers are also made responsible for the actions of their contractors and employees when it comes to health and safety regulations.

The MDA has also set up an institutional framework to enforce the regulations. The Association is to nominate a Disciplinary Board consisting of a Chairman and two independent members, who are not MDA members. Complaints that a member has not acted in accordance with the Code of Ethics will be referred to this Disciplinary Board. A member will be liable to immediate expulsion from the MDA if the member fails to rectify his or her position if found in default of the Code of Ethics.

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