Malta Developers Association warns defaulting property developers

The Malta Developers Association has warned its members it would publish the names of developers who failed to honour commitments with clients unless the situation was rectified.

In a statement the association said it had received a number of complaints from people who bought apartments with the condition that the developer had to finish the common parts in an indicated time frame and subsequently this work was not carried out.

In some cases buyers completed the finishing works inside the flat but their property could not be used since the developer failed to honour his commitments.

“MDA feels that this conduct is a breach of its members’ code of ethics, shows lack of seriousness and gives a bad name to all developers.

“The association is striving as much as it can to ensure that its members act in a serious and professional way, and is not going to tolerate those who, through such conduct, give a bad impression on all developers in general.”

It warned developers that, if these circumstances persisted, it would have no option but to publish the names of the said developers so that the public and those intending to purchase a property would be informed of their misconduct.

Source: Times of Malta online, 19th May 2012


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