Press Release - Federation of Estate Agents (Malta)

The Times of Malta today published a press release from FEA (Malta).

The title was "Estate Agents still unhappy with capital gains tax system" and the full article can be read by clicking here.

The Federation of estate Agents, in this article, also commented about the recent exchange of correspondence in The Times relating to the rental of property owned by non-Maltese (see previous blogs by clicking here).

Another article on the same newspaper, titled "Sliema residents split over proposed changes" is a resume' of the raging battle between Qui-si-sana residents and the goverment over a new car park, and also with regards other plans published in The Times on Wednesday including proposals to reorganise traffic in Sliema and pedestrianise parts of the town centre.

This previous article titled "Consultation over Sliema traffic plans" on February 22nd. 2006 can be read by clicking here.

In the letters section of The Times of Malta, a reader wrote in under the title "Bypass Safety" (click here to read letter)vis a' vis the imminent danger presented by the half collapsed bypass running over St.Paul's Bay toward's Xemxija, which had collapsed and been half cordoned off by concrete barriers due to excavations on an underlying building site. More recently a further mudslide swept off half the foundations from under a residence, leaving part of it perched in mid air.

MEPA is claiming it is not responsible for the safety of projects it has sanctioned, and this responsibility lies with the developer and architects. An inquiry into the matter has been ordered by Environment Minister George Pullicino , and a report should be issued within 6 weeks from February 8th. 2006.


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