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Property Blogging Launch

I just inspected a very recently built and very sweet flatlet for rent in Swieqi.

Actually the term flatlet doesn't do the place any justice. It does in fact underly the owner's property, however it's entrance is totally private and independent, and what's more, the property is semi-detached!

The ever increasing property prices here in Malta has translated into smaller and smaller residential units, and with this, a gradual corruption of certain real estate terms.

I remember, for example, seven to eight years ago the word maisonette would have certainly defined a property with an independent entrance, and with only one other overlying or underlying neighbour. Nowadays, a groundfloor flat with an independent entrance is also referred to as a maisonette, although I think that is pushing the term a bit too far. In areas such as Swieqi, maisonettes in blocks of 3 are the standard nowadays.

Back to the property I just put on the market. I guess I opted for the word flatl…