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18th November deadline for regularisation of short let property adverts in Malta

20th October 2011
Circular to members

Further to a meeting with the Quality Assurance Department of the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) it was brought to our attention that, according to Section 13 of the Tourism Operations (General) Regulations of the 31st May 2002 as amended (Subsidiary Legislation 409.08), all advertised holiday rental properties have to feature the MTA licence number.

13. (1) No person, may at any time, describe or advertise any tourism operation unless -
(a) there is a valid licence in respect of such tourism operation;
(b) he has obtained the prior approval of the trading name from the Authority.
(2) Every tourism operation shall quote the licence number in every advertisement, publication, leaflet, brochure, broadcast or other publication of whatever kind and in any reference whatsoever.

We have reached an agreement that we shall be notifying our members to regularize themselves concerning any advertising or electronic marketing of any of these properties by …