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Property for sale Direct from Owner

Three pitfalls to avoid when buying directly.

Owner Direct sales adverts are littered all over the internet.

I have always been in favour of an open market, especially if you, the purchaser, have all the time in the world to sift through the multitude of online adverts, a good 90% of which are never deleted when the owners sell the property, and are therefore outdated.

Time and patience apart however, there are still a number of hurdles ahead. In hindsight these pitfalls look obvious. Unless you are well prepared with a checklist, your emotions and pressure to act fast, can, and do get the upperhand.

Since there are many points to look out for, I am short listing these to the three most often overlooked , two of which concern "noise pollution", one of the greatest stress related causes.

The following apply to apartments.

1) Floorplan. Make sure to check whether the underlying, or overlying apartment has the same floorplan as the one you're interested in. If your living ro…