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A Unique Property in Naxxar

Once in a while, as I work through my daily inspections, I stumble across a property with truly unique features.

This elegant home is situated on Main Street, in the traditional village core of Naxxar. The once busy street is now residential as shops and traffic have migrated to the new part of town. The properties lining the narrow winding street and once housing the most important residents within the original village, now enjoy a very good amount of peace and tranquillity, albeit only round the corner from the main piazza and the Naxxar Parish Church. The road is however still on the main route of the yearly village procession during the village festa.

What makes this house unique, besides the fact that is completely private and wrapped around it's large internal courtyard; is that it once constituted a large Townhouse, and two smaller Houses-of-Character. These have now been integrated into one lovely property while the traditional facade (niche, statue…