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Holding up justice on sale of house - Letter to Times of Malta (Tues 8th February 2011)

Holding up justice on sale of house
Emanuel L. Vella, Ta’ Giorni

Whoever was in any doubt that certain Maltese lawyers are indeed to blame for the inordinate delays in (and therefore denial of) justice is free to consider what follows.

On March 25, 2010, a house was sold by judicial auction (sub asta) with proceeds of over €100,000. The successful bidder duly paid up the following week and all that remained (or so it was thought) was for the actor’s lawyer to make recourse with a view to ordering the distribution of the proceeds.

There are three lawyers involved in this matter: one each for the two sides and a third who represents two particular families. But after more than 10 months the funds are still held up in court because the actor’s lawyer, in spite of several reminders and entreaties by the actor himself, has still not made a move. The reason given? He had “more important things to attend to”! For all of 10 months!

One of the other lawyers is proven to have done the legwork a…