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When Bubbles Burst

Editorial Times of Malta Wednesday 13th May 2009
There are few subjects guaranteed to stir emotions of many Maltese as the one on the future of the property market. The love affair of the Maltese with property ownership is only matched in intensity by the almost dogmatic belief of many that investing in property is practically risk-free, at least in the long term........Read the full editorial by clicking here.

New Building Regulations in the Pipeline - Launch of Consultation Documents

The much awaited Building Regulations Act moves one step closer today, with the launch of the Consultation Documents. These will regulate the avoidance of damage to third party properties.

Resources Minister George Pullicino said the law will pave the way for the creation of a Building Regulations Office under his ministry, and ensure future buildings will be built according to technical specifications. Before the demolition, excavation and construction of a site, a methodological statement outlining the method of construction would have to be made public. Also obligatory would be the classification of contractors according to their size, expertise and capabilities.

Methodological statements and insurance covering third parties would be obligatory.

The documents will soon be available at Meanwhile submissions may be made to