Maltese Houses of Character

An article written by Edwin P. Borg and giving very precise descriptions as to the general characteristics of the original maltese dwellings, their interiors and layouts, as recollected from his childhood days. It also covers a lot of the original maltese terms for certain features, with their english translation. Following are the opening paragraphs:

Maltese Houses of Character

A good number of houses that I knew during my childhood have today disappeared. This happened for various reasons such as demolition to make way for bigger projects; alterations to serve different purposes other than those for which they were built, etc. Those that survived, however, are finally beginning to be appreciated and are now being referred to as 'Maltese Houses of Character'.

Most of these houses are now also being restored or refurbished in a way that the alterations being carried out are compatible with the original plan. I therefore would like to make some references to some of the most common features which gave these houses their true identity as a house of character. So let me go back to my childhood days. And the first thing that comes to memory is the general view from outside, the house fa├žade.........

The full article can be read by clicking here.


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